I started this personal project during my free time thinking “What can I do to improve the User Experience for CraigsList?” after taking IAT351: Advanced Human-Computer Interaction——where we learned about users experience.

First, understand the problem CraigsList has. Second, did research on who are the competitors. Then, did users research questionnaires to better understand the users and their needs.


I brainstormed all the ideas and sketched multiple solutions for the problem. After I was happy with my sketches I made a wireframe on Adobe Xd on how the structure would look like.


Visual Clutter

Issue: There is so many information on Craigslist.

Solution: Rather than having all the categories and subcategories visible at once, the four main categories were moved to icons leading to separate pages. By limiting the information that appears on screen at any given moment, there is less information for the user to intake at any given time. 


Poor Navigation

Issue: The original Craigslist breadcrumb is inconsistent, sometimes taking the user to the wrong location.

Solution: I made it contrast a bit more with the background, making it stand out without being distracting, and tested it comprehensively to make sure it linked to the correct pages.


Confusing Filters

Issue: There were many filters available that users found difficult to properly used.

Solution: Turned some filters into subcategory pages while some were dispensed with altogether, leaving the website with the simpler to understand price and location filters.



This is an interesting project to tackle on as there are many things I can still find to improve on but due to time constraint, I am unable to spend much more time for this project that I would like to. Also, the last two steps in my design process that I haven’t mention is because I didn’t get the chance to do a prototype and do user testing. But these two steps are also very important as I can get valuable feedback from them. I can observe how they interact with it and they can also tell me what I can improve on.


We can’t please everyone in the world but as a UX designer, my job is to do my best to satisfy everyone as much as I can.

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