The class were asked to design a Magazine Layout that the theme is decided by ourselves and text was provided by the prof.

  • Creating clear visual hierarchy and the ability to laying out text.

  • Come up with a title, subtitles, and a minimum of 3 sub-headings. Find 2-4 fonts that work as well as 6 high-resolution images.

First, I sketched 20 possible print layouts that strived to explore different hierarchies and composition for all spreads.

Playing it safe at first I kept with a sans serif font thinking it would be easier for my audience to interpret. After the critique, I was told not to play it so safe and to not be stereotypical in the way I may make my design considerations. Hence, I stayed with a serif body text for greater readability and a "greek" styled title text.




Body Text

Lots of text and with 6 images that have to fit in in three pages. 

The colour palette for those imagines needs to be simple and lead to no visual distraction.




Scale matters 

Through this project, I realized that the scale can be a very effective method for achieving a good visual balance in a layout. By making some elements larger than others, a sense of order and hierarchy will emerge. This helps create a comfortable layout because the viewer will automatically look at the larger elements within the layout first, progressing through to the smaller elements as they read.


Contrast matters

We should always isolate an element on the page through contrast because it will make the eye focus on that point first. This provides a way into the page and again gives a useful structural point to develop the layout.

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